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You know the truth: good things DON'T always come to those who wait.

Here's the catch: while we might think we're being patient, what we might be doing is avoiding taking action out of fear.

The first step is be honest about what's really happening because there's no growth available in fooling ourselves. Growth can only happen when we deal with the fear.

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I'm a breakthrough coach.
My superpower is to propel people through heartbreak and failure to personal fulfillment and success.

My passion is to free people from the life they're settling for and unleash them into the life they want. I'm the founder of several successful - and not so successful - businesses, a survivor, and a warrior. While failures and a messy personal life are nothing to brag about, it's those experiences that inspire me to shine a light on unhappiness and help people do something about it.

And oh yeah, I'm an ICF accredited coach and expert at helping people with major life changes because, well, I've had a few of my own.

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